About us

About Us

MY K Baxter Marketing has worked with Public and Private Sector clients for more than ten years to create a wide range of resilient digital marketing services.

All our staff have training and experience in the digital marketing sector and specialise in various tools.

Benefits of using MYK Baxter Marketing on your next project

  • We offer a fast and flexible response to your needs
  • Short timescales
  • Live environments
  • Space constraints
  • Listed building
  • We are vendor-neutral – we select the products that are best for you and your project
  • Over 25 years experience covering all types and size of data centre means your project will be right, first time

MYK Baxter Marketing provides a proven process to take you from the point of first considering whether you need help with your digital marketing through to ‘going live’ and beyond.

Myk Baxter Online Marketing was founded in the UK and has grown to become the leading online marketing agency. We are proud to have a great team of qualified individuals working for us. This team includes experienced designers, engineers, and editors who like to think outside of the box and know how to leverage all of the possibilities within a target market to deliver an application far beyond our clients’ or their users’ expectations.
We have built our reputation on openness, reliability and professionalism. These are the cornerstones of our agency and the backdrop to our SEO and online marketing operations, which have been very successful for us and our clients. We have given all of our clients the ability to share in our successful operations by getting a great ROI, and helping them to find the right customers at the right time by enabling potential customers to find them on the front page of all major search engines, including Google and Bing.

Our Vision
We aim for world-class design and technical capabilities recognized as industry clients. All of our clients can rest easily and be assured that we deliver end products with the best solutions possible. We attempt to redefine the local mobile landscape by setting higher standards of excellence and then exceeding them with every client that we work with.

We are an Innovative Team
We didn’t become a leading software development company overnight. All of our services, including mobile, web and application development are a result of hard work, and technical and creative innovations. These are key success drivers that help us to grow within the industry. Furthermore, it allows us to identify new technology and business trends that allow us to deliver sustainable value to all of our clients. These added services and solutions are often geared towards very specific niche sites so that our clients are always successful in their endeavours.

We are Local, All Around the Globe
We are a local marketing agency in every part of the world. This regional knowledge allows us to focus on local business practices and customs within your industry. It also allows us to compete with our competition on a different level by providing you with in-depth knowledge to provide you with better services and strategies.

Our Work Speaks Volumes
Our services go beyond the traditional markets. We are involved with clients in various industries including real estate, sports, app development, games, social networking and many more. This experience as a technology partner allows us to cater to a diverse client base of many sizes and types. Any solutions and strategies that you need to employ within your own business, we can help you.

Contact us today so that we can begin to discuss the needs of your operation. Regardless of whether you are looking for online marketing and SEO, web design, app development, social media marketing or something else, we are happy to help you so that you may begin increasing your business and reaching your demographic market more effectively.