Digital Marketing

Differential Marketing provides digital marketing services, help, support and advice throughout London and Surrey. We add value across your digital offering, ensuring corporate brand messaging is at the heart.

It’s easy to increase website hits, social media followers and email marketing subscribers, but why increase visitors by 150% if they aren’t going to buy from you? We’re focused on targeting and reaching out to the right audience for your business, with the right message. We don’t focus on quantity but quality, across the digital marketing spectrum – that’s what makes the difference.

Digital marketing services

  • Website design, development and maintenance
  • User experience (UX) – review, testing and improvement
  • Social media management and online reputation management
  • Project management and technical marketing integrations
  • Email marketing, online surveys, questionnaires and polls
  • Display advertising – online advert design and placement
  • Digital strategy, marketing campaigns and website landing pages
  • Digital PDF’s and digital publishing
  • Content creation, copywriting and optimisation
  • Benchmarking, competitor analysis and digital marketing auditing
  • Analytics, SEO and website optimisation