Our web design revamp for Hunter Finance

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When approached by Hunter Finance to redesign their traditional, one-page website to a more modern one – we were eager to complete the job!

Hunter Finance is known for being a financial provider specialising in offering property development loans to people looking to develop different types of properties.

Their old website was one that mostly featured what they did without showing off the work they had been involved with during all the years they have been operating.

While they did not build the properties that are now featured on their websites, they provided the funding that made it possible for those homes and offices to be completed.

When we approach them with our design plan, we wanted to get rid of the “less is more” approach. This is because of the increasing number of companies that offered property development loans.

We noticed that websites with more photos in their portfolio were generating high amounts of interest, as the modern consumer wants to be shown what they are buying rather than being told what a company can do for them.

Our main purpose of the new website was to show all the potential that Hunter Finance had as a property development loans provider by highlighting all of the good work made possible as a result of the company.

We decided to create three new pages that would be dedicated to providing users with a simple understanding of what we provide and how we operate:

  • Case studies page
  • Guide page 
  • Reviews page

More photos were also added to the website to visually appeal to users. This was to appeal to those that are interested in developing properties similar to ones that their previous clients developed.

Once the new website was updated, Hunter Finance noticed an increase in their traffic, time spent on their website and CTR rate.

As more people were finding the website and interacting positively with it, this caused an increase in the number of new customers that were enquiring about their services.

We continue to work alongside them and provide suggestions for changes that can be made to the website in order for them to hold their strong position in their market.

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